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To collaborate to harness the power of collective action with socially conscious global citizens and to have a positive effect on the lives of oppressed groups.

Purpose Of The Association

The association pursues exclusively and directly non-profit purposes, in the sense of the section “tax-privileged purposes” of the tax code. The association is neither governmental nor profitable. The purpose of the association is the promotion of health and health care. The aims of the statutes will be realized by financing and building a hospital in Limbe, Cameroon, financing the technical and medical equipment and its management. In this hospital the treatment and care should be affordable for the all patients. Furthermore, nursing staff and therapists are to be trained in the hospital facilities.

Acquisition of membership

Natural persons or legal entities can become members of the association. The application for membership must be made in writing. The executive committee decides upon the application for admission. The applicant is entitled to appeal against the rejection, which does not require any justification, to the general meeting, which then makes the final decision.

Termination of membership

The membership ends by resignation, exclusion, death or dissolution of the legal entity. Resignation is made by written declaration to an authorized member of the board. The written resignation must be submitted to the Board of Directors within one month’s notice at the end of each fiscal year. Exclusion can only take place for good cause. Important reasons are in particular a behaviour damaging to the golds of the association, the violation of statutory obligations or arrears of contributions of at least one year. The board of directors decides upon the exclusion. The member is entitled to appeal against the exclusion to the general meeting, which must be addressed in writing to the board within one month. The general meeting makes the final decision within the framework of the association. The member reserves the right to review the measure by appealing to the ordinary courts. The appeal to a regular court has a suspensive effect until the court decision becomes final.

Application Of Funds

Funds of the association may only be used for the statutory purposes. The members do not receive any allowances from funds of the association.

General Meeting

The general meeting is the highest organ of the association. Its tasks include in particular the election and deselection of the board of directors, discharge of the board of directors, receipt of the reports of the board of directors, election of the cash auditors, determination of contributions (voluntary) and their due date, resolution on the amendment of the statutes, resolution on the dissolution of the association, decision on the admission and exclusion of members in cases of appeal as well as further tasks, as far as these result from the statutes or according to law. In the first quarter of each business year an ordinary general meeting takes place. The executive committee is obliged to call an extraordinary general meeting if at least one third of the members request this in writing, stating reasons. The general meeting is convened by the board of directors with a notice period of one month in writing, stating the agenda. The period begins with the day following the dispatch of the invitation letter. The letter of invitation is considered to have been received by the members if it was sent to the last address communicated to the association.

The agenda must be supplemented if a member requests this in writing at least one week before the scheduled date. The addition must be announced at the beginning of the meeting. Proposals for the amendment of the statutes and for the dissolution of the association, which have not already been sent to the members with the invitation to the general meeting, can only be decided upon at the next general meeting. The general meeting is quorate regardless of the number of members present. The general meeting is chaired by a member of the board. A secretary must be elected at the beginning of the general meeting. Each member has one vote. The right to vote can only be exercised personally or for a member by presenting a written power of attorney. Voting is decided by a simple majority of the votes cast. Changes to the statutes and the dissolution of the association can only be decided with a majority of 2/3 of the members present. Abstentions and invalid votes are not taken into consideration. Minutes are to be taken of the resolutions of the general meeting, which are to be signed by the chairman of the meeting and the secretary.

Board of Directors

The executive committee in the sense of § 26 BGB (German Civil Law) consists of the 1st and 2nd chairman and the treasurer. They represent the association in and out of court. Two board members represent together. The executive committee is elected by the general meeting for a period of one year. Only members of the association can become members of the board. Re-election is permitted. The executive committee remains in office until a new executive committee is elected. Upon termination of membership in the association, the office of the executive committee also ends.

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