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The association pursues exclusively and directly non-profit purposes, in the sense of the section tax-privileged purposes of the tax code. The association is neither governmental nor profitable.


“When you have an idea to bring change for good, People’s General Hospital is none other than the people of African region; you belong to the PGH-the call from inside. We are a representative who understands your desires, your ability to improve society, and what we do in GPH is your utmost desire to abide by your inner feelings.”


“People’s General Hospital” a compassionate NGO was launched to provide the poorest of the poor in rural areas with medical care. So far, we have reached over 1 lakh recipients and expect to impact 1 million lives in the near future. PGH is strongly committed to leadership on health-critical issues and the preservation of collaborations.

Women Empowerment

“Building structures to facilitate the involvement of women in community and social activities, promoting the realization of the capacity of women through education, skills development and employment. Removing violence against women will greatly help business by empowering women.”

Intigrated Agriculture

“With almost 48% of African depending on agriculture, this young non-governmental organization is seeking partnership with universities to bring about a dramatic shift in the agricultural sector. This sector’s growth not only ensures a healthy economy, but also a healthier community.”


People’s General Hospital not only contributes to the well-being of the needy, but also expresses an equally significant devotion to Mother Nature. We believe that we have to give back more than what we take from Mother Nature, just as the saying goes: “A seed planted today grows its branches tomorrow.”

Social Awareness

Social consciousness is the consciousness conveyed within a culture by individuals. Social consciousness is connected to the mutual self-awareness and experience of a social identity conveyed collectively. It is a person’s ability to consider the perspectives of other individuals, groups, or communities, and apply that understanding to interactions with them.”

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Governments’ political and economic arrangements are not adequate to ensure the permanent and genuine support of the people. It is important to base peace on dialogue and mutual understanding. Peace must be founded upon humanity’s intellectual and moral unity.

In this spirit, PGH works so that quality education is accessible to every child and resident. Promoting the heritage of civilization and the equal dignity of all cultures.

As a fundamental right and a vital prerequisite for democracy and development, PGH stands for freedom of speech. In response, the responsibility of the PGH remains to reaffirm the humanistic tasks of education, culture, health and empowerment of women.

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People’s General Hospital

PGH’s idea was born quite simply to bridge the gap between two sets of people – people who want to donate, who want to try to make a difference along with those who do phenomenal work, but do not know how to reach out to the people who want to help them. We are therefore helping you how to join those individuals.

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People’s General Hospital e.V.

Peter-Vischer-Str. 1
D-90765 Fürth

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